We are family!

Hi, we’re the Klotzners!

Hi, we are Edith, Hans, Daniel and Andrea and we are your hosts during your stay at Heidi or Edith. We’d like to get to know you, and we treat you as an individual – not just as a guest. For the duration of your stay, you can be sure that we’ll do all we can to help you to feel at home. Here, you have all the space to do as you please and in your own time – you’re free to organize your daily programme as you prefer.

If you need us, we’re close at hand: you’ll always find us somewhere around the property. While Edith is occupied with administrative matters at the reception, Hans is at work in the kitchen preparing breakfast. By the way, few know how to bake bread and cakes the way he does. You’ll see! And Hans is also in charge of making drinks for our guests. Daniel is usually at the reception, ready to provide tips for the best excursions in the area. In the evenings, you’ll find him behind the bar, making cocktails. As our guests well know, Daniel’s cocktails are legendary! Andrea takes care of the children, which is why you’ll often see her around them. Except, when she’s out with guests on a hike – showing them the attractions of our valley, together with her mum, Edith!