Get onto a Llama

My hiking guide, the llama!

Fancy a ride into the mountains on an exotic, fluffy quadruped? Welcome to llama trekking! They say that a ride one of these placid South American camelids is about as relaxing as a week-long stay at the beach! Whether that’s true or not, it's definitely a great experience for all ages!

It's true: on rare occasions they can spit! The usually good-tempered, cuddly llamas and alpacas may sometimes seem a little rude, but only when they feel threatened or need to defend their territory. When you head into the wilderness on a llama, you have nothing to fear. On our summer family outings, we organise “llama Taster Tours” to Tabland/Tablà. Accompanied by sous chef, Daniel, and farmer Günther, the excursion on our furry, four-legged llamas leads past mysterious mountain caves and across scenic forest clearings. After arriving at our predetermined spot, we start a campfire for a barbecue – and our llamas are rewarded with extra hay!