to Do!

"What’s the programme for today?", is a common topic of discussion in the morning. The very same question we hear repeated in the corridors at Heidi and Edith on most days – it’s something that we’re quite used to. Actually, there’re plenty of options to suit everyone: from small children, to cool teens, dad-heroes and magic mums!

Fun for kids

Where do we begin? Let’s start with a bumper breakfast. Place your order (omelette & mushrooms, eggs and bacon, etc.), then head to the rich buffet. There's plenty to choose – even an organic-food corner. Or you can order a breakfast basket to enjoy in your apartment.

After breakfast, mum and dad might think of relaxing in the garden around the pool. Meanwhile, the younger set have their sights set on the swimming pool (or separate baby pool). Others make a beeline for the children’s playroom, or the outside playground. Meanwhile, the teens have made plans to hang out in the recreational area. With child supervision available on request, parents can look forward to relaxing in the sauna, or taking a dip in the pool. The day usually ends off with a cocktail – with the baby monitor always within reach!