See you soon!

We are looking forward to welcome all dear families to Heidi & Edith. We are opende since 15 May 2021 and we are looking forward to seeing you.

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Like 2 neighbourhood friends, Heidi and Edith are our 2 next-door apartment blocks in Rabland/Partschins. Their story might be like that of two girls: Heidi has the bigger garden, a cool swimming pool and great toys, so Edith likes to come and visit her friend. So do our guests. How nice that our two holiday apartment blocks are now part of the same family!

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Welcome to South Tyrol! To Rabland/Rablà (Partschins/Parcines), to be precise. Just a 10 min drive from Meran/Merano, our village makes an ideal starting point for exciting outdoor adventures. If you’re looking for a holiday destination in the mountains, you couldn’t have picked a better spot! Since the Klotzner family are originally from here, they know exactly which secret places make families feel at home and can show you the best places to visit.

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