Riding the Torrents

Just hang on!

Getting a little wet on a fun rafting trip is all part of the fun! Try riding the rapids on the waters of the Etsch or Passer rivers on a rubber dinghy. But not before you’ve strapped on your life jacket for safety. Good all-round teamwork is needed. Ideal for families!

With summer temperatures exceeding 30° C in the shade, as is often the case here in the area, more than anything else you want cool, refreshing water. During one of our exciting river rafting trips, this is guaranteed! An adrenaline-pumping, rafting adventure on the Etsch and Passer rivers is open to anyone over the age of 5 years. In each dinghy, there’s a professional Südtirol Rafting Adventure guide. The guides are there to ensure everyone’s safety and make sure that all the equipment is fully functioning. Rafting takes place under all weather conditions – what is certain is that you’ll definitely get wet!